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Carrie Highman started her professional career at WKBT-DT in La Crosse, WI in 2012. During the next two years Carrie became the go to in the newsroom for producing, reporting, shooting and fill-in anchoring. She edited all of her own video and moved into the weekend anchor position for the second half of her contract. It was an incredible time of growth as she learned all the different aspects of putting a newscast together and reaching out to viewers through social media.


While at WKBT, she was trained on the Sony PMW-EX1R and developed a love for shooting video. She saw firsthand the power of telling a story through video. 


During the summer of 2014 Carrie started Dream Lens Media with the goal of serving companies and individuals with their need to improve communication and share their message through video, social media and the web.


Her goal and her passion is to share stories and information that can transfrom lives in the most powerful way possible, video.

Carrie Highman

Owner, Dream Lens Media