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Wigwam was in need of some content shot for the launch of a new product line. They sent gear with our team when our crew was out in Nevada and we shot images and short videos to be used on all their platforms. When the new line rolled out, they used the content to announce the launch on social media.


The goal of each of the short videos was to create the feeling that lovers of the outdoors experience when exploring new trails. While there's product placement in each piece, we were after communicating the experience. 

Throughout the following year we also produced content for them featuring their work line and their running line. 

content that resonates

The need for content is never ending. We'll take your product out in the space it belongs and capture the essence of what it allows your customer to do.


We'll produce images and videos you can leverage across all your platforms. Your audience deserves authenticity. That's the only thing we know how to create.