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Jon Sepp and Brittany Masters are the epitome of what it means to pursue a passion-filled life. Jon bought Roam Free ranch, fulfilling a lifelong dream to own bison, after years as a parachute test pilot in the military. Brittany left her corporate marketing job, where she was the youngest executive in her company, to pursue a life she felt would hold more meaning. Together they launched Roam Free Ranch in western Montana.

They couldn't have imagined what they would be up against and the things they would learn about the history of where their bison roam and the threats their grasslands are facing.


Out of necessity, they stumbled upon holistic management and learned that grasslands are the number one most endangered ecosystem in North America. They also learned about the incredible history of the work Michel Pablo and Charles Allard did to preserve bison from near extinction, right on the Flathead Reservation where Roam Free is located. Finally, they were thrown headfirst into the broken food system and the challenges of creating a holistic product that doesn't fit conventional models. 

What started as a dream to own bison has turned into a deep calling that Jon and Brittany are fulfilling, to help preserve bison, create a healthy food product and preserve grasslands in Montana. 

Grasslands are the #1 most endangered ecosystem in North America. While non-profits are working hard to protect and preserve the land, private /commercial agriculture plays a crucial role in the future success or destruction of these ecosystems.


Bison are a keystone species, vital in protecting and preserving our grasslands. Almost lost forever in the 1880's, ranchers played a crucial role in their preservation. 98% of them are now owned by private ranchers. Restoring bison herds to native grasslands prevents invasive species growth and keeps the ecosystem in balance.

Not only are bison good for environmental sustainability but they're also an extremely healthy food source when raised right. Big food has made it increasingly harder to know where your food is coming from and whether or not it is good for you. Small scale ranchers, committed to holistic management and producing a healthy product are crucial in restoring authenticity to the food space.


Roam Free is a short documentary film that takes viewers into Jon and Brittany's world and lets them see firsthand what they've been up against. It reveals what Jon and Brittany learned along the way and calls viewers to action to be a part of the solution.


Carrie and Tim Highman are documentary filmmakers with a passion for creating work that inspires action. They've worked with elite athletes, land trusts, national scenic trails and food sustainability activists, telling stories of adventure and conservation. 

Through their work they've witnessed the power of film to inspire viewers and spark positive change. They work together to engage deeply with their subjects and tell authentic, powerful stories.




Roam Free Bison Bites Ranch in Hot Springs, Montana



Jon Sepp and Brittany Masters, Ranch Founders

Chris Mehus, Western Sustainability Exchange

Marcia Pablo, Michel Pablo's great great granddaughter

Don Woerner, Veterinarian




Film Length:

20-30 minute documentary



People who love bufallo

The buffalo is our National Mammal and yet there is still a lack of awareness about how close we were to losing them and the role private ranchers play in their preservation today.


Our audience encompasses people who love buffalo and care about the environment. 


Join us in sharing a story of passion, environmental sustainability and living a life full of courage and determination.