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Courtney dauwalter

boundary breaker

Courtney Dauwalter is one of the most remarkable women in ultra running today. Setting the women's American record for the most miles in a 24 hour endurance race in 2017, her dominance in ultra running has continued to grow. Boundary Breaker takes a look behind the scenes of what makes Courtney tick. If you met her, you would never guess the endurance feats she is capable of and has accomplished. Kind, funny, laid back and sporting her signature long baggy shorts, she embodies the best of the ultra running community. Her 2017 ultra running season included a win at the Moab 240, the Run Rabbit Run 100 and many more. Most recently, she earned her golden ticket to Western States by winning the Sean O'Brian 100k.

We met Courtney through her husband's cousin. Random, but that's the way all good things start right? We asked if she'd be up for filming and she said yes! So we were on a flight to Colorado within a few weeks. We spent the weekend with Courtney and Kevin. If you've met them, it goes without saying that we had a blast. So the big thanks for this film obviously goes to Courtney and Kevin! They put up with us dragging them around telling them to start running, then stop running, then start running over and over again all weekend. If you're interested in reading more about our weekend filming click here.


As you can guess, waaaay too much good footage hit the editing room floor from our shoot. So, we wanted to give you an opportunity to learn more about Courtney's background and hear some of the funny stories she has to tell! Enjoy!

Courtney & Kevin talk about Courtney's first 100 mile attempt
Courtney talks about her first hallucinations during a 100 mile race

Courtney has some exciting races ahead of her! Follow her on Instagram to see race photos and keep up with what boundaries she's breaking next.