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Protecting Passion

November 17, 2015

Passion is an interesting emotion. Fleeting, yet incredibly powerful. 


With it, we can accomplish incredible tasks of creativity and courage. Without it, we muddle our way through our list, struggling to simply accomplish mediocrity, let alone excellence. 


Many will start their job or their business with passion. A desire to succeed and accomplish their dreams. But monotony, challenges and discouragement are exceedingly good at stomping out passion. So good that we are often left without the energy to find it again. To protect the delicate flame that is so easily snuffed out. 


This weekend, I experienced the joy and refreshment that comes from kindling passion. I set aside my to-do list. I set aside all the tasks I had to accomplish for clients and I decided to film for the pure joy of it. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE telling my client's stories but I knew I needed to film just because I wanted to capture the special everyday moments going on all around me. 


My husband and I love traveling and exploring. It truly makes us come alive. So on Saturday we made the short hour and a half drive to Milwaukee to explore the Historic Third Ward and walk along Lake Michigan. 


I took the camera with. Filming anything that caught my eye. Soaking in the beautiful, unusually warm November afternoon. And it was one of the most professionally and personally refreshing things I have done since starting Dream Lens Media. I edited it together in a few hours that evening when we got home and posted it online. Not to gain views or put forth a strong call to action, but simply to share with my friends and family the fun afternoon of exploring we enjoyed. 


Here it is.


Nothing crazy. No insane motion graphics. No aerial footage. Just what I felt like filming as we went. 


See, igniting passion for what you do is really simple, doing what you love, just because you love it. Allowing yourself room for creativity without pressure. 


Did this video make me any money? No. Did it take time? Yes. But those aren't the questions that matter. Protecting passion and fanning it into a flame can often work in opposition to the bottom line. 


But this morning, I woke up inspired. I woke up with passion to tell my client's stories in the most impactful, creative way possible. 


In a world full of discouragement and obligation we can forget to take time to protect our passion but oh the benefits to living a life on fire. 


Take the time, protect your passion. 



by Carrie Highman, Owner Dream Lens Media, LLC.


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