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Micro-Documentaries: Stronger Together

August 22, 2017

The key to leveraging micro-documentaries is all about keeping the mindset that they are stronger together. 


Quite often, I'll speak with clients who are interested in beginning to incorporate micro-documentaries into their video marketing strategy. They want to try it out and see how it works. The problem is they just want to do one. They want to push it out on social for a little bit and then gauge whether or not it worked based on just one trial video. 



The problem with this mentality is that micro-documentaries are stronger together. To truly engage your audience, keep them coming back for more and become the "it" brand you need to create a channel. A dedicated platform with consistent content that your audience will keep coming back to for more. One video won't build that loyal following. A series, a consistent channel will. 


When you're getting ready to start leveraging micro-documentaries for your brand here are some things you need in place before filming begins. 


Determine topics and channels

Depending on the scope of your brand, you may have multiple audiences. No problem! Clearly define your audiences and determine how many channels you'll need in order to engage those segments of your audience directly. Then start brainstorming people or topics that those individual segments care about and are interested in. 


Lay out your strategy for each channel and write down at least 3 film ideas for each channel.


Create the online framework

To properly leverage micro-documentaries you must start building the mindset that you are a media company. Not just a retailer, or service company. Have a conversation with your web designer and build a page just for the videos you will be producing. This is where you ultimately want to push your audience. You want them consuming your content on your website. You'll need an expert to build the page to ensure your videos will load and play well and fast. 


Create your social strategy

Before you start filming decide when you're going to release the films. If you're going to tease them on social. How you will push people to the website. How much you can set aside in the budget to promote your films on social. Having all of this in place will make sure that you get the most out of each film. 



The more time you put into this and the bigger you build your media presence the less you'll have to spend trying to get it in front of people's faces. They'll be following you and looking for your next film because it's content they love and want to consume. 


by Carrie Highman

Owner, Dream Lens Media LLC


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